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Frequently asked questions

What is the consulation fee?

There is no fee for our initial phone call. Did you know that advisors only get paid if you book a trip AND travel? The consultation fee is designed to prioritize clients who are serious about working with us and utilizing our knowledge, expertise, and services. 

What types of trips do you book?

We are a boutique agency specializing in luxury international travel. Our main focus is Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as Europe. We work with couples, families, and large groups. 

How do you keep my information secure?

Information on this form such as your name, birthday, contact information, etc is stored in my database for your future trip plans. The credit card authorization form is secure and your cc information will not be saved, unless you request that I keep it on file. We will never provide your contact information to anyone unless it is necessary for a certain aspect of your reservation, such as travel insurance. 

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